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For centuries, there has been a pile of superstitions regarding hair loss and baldness treatments. Almost every day we read news such as the miracle solution for hair loss and baldness is ending. Fraudsters have created a serious sector with the claim that they have found a solution to baldness for centuries. These miracle drugs usually contain substances that bind or compete with testosterone. Although they often have no benefits and they can cause very serious side effects.

A History of Hair Loss – Egyptians – 4000 BC

The special mixture which was invented by the Egyptians is very important in terms of the history of hair loss. Because this special mixture is known as the first baldness drug. Another special blend contained dog and donkey hooves. This recipe was specially prepared for the King of “Upper and Lower Egypt.” Do you think the drug worked? Ofcourse not. Keep on with “a golden comb to the bald head”…

History of Hair Loss – Greeks

The Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the “Father of Medicine”, also suffered from baldness. He even prepared an ointment himself. This interesting ointment contains opium, pigeon dung, cumin and nettle. As if “the tailor can’t sew his own clothes”, this drug did not work either.

History of Hair Loss – Romans

Another king suffering from baldness was the Roman Emperor Caesar. He ordered all his physicians in the empire to solve this problem, but unfortunately he was not successful either.

History of Hair Loss – Middle Ages

Although it is not a radical solution, the 13th Luiz, the French ruler, wore a wig to hide his baldness.

History of Hair Loss – 1800s

“History is about repetition”. Snake oil, which was tried by the Egyptians about 5800 years ago, came back again, but this time with a difference. An “awake” entrepreneur in the United States founded a company called “Snake Oil”. Although he claimed that the drug, which he said was made from snake oil, was the solution to baldness, the drug was literally a deception.

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