Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation Room Conditions

Hair Transplantation Room Conditions

The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health has made it obligatory to provide operating room conditions in the hair transplantation room. In spite of this, hair transplantation in our country is mostly done in private practice and in hospital areas rented daily. Planting in these environments is far from meeting the sterilization conditions, so independent centers with special conditions should be preferred for planting both in hospitals and private centers.

Must Have;

Sterilization: All surgical equipment used for the operation must be sterilized in the best way, and the operation room must be covered with sterile covers for every single case. The surgical team must pay maximum attention to surgical sterilization, and entry of non-sterile patients into the operating room must be restricted. The room must be sterilized by hepa filter and UV sterilization, and the airborne particles and culture measurements must be made regularly. The patient’s pre-preparation (shaving, washing) must be done in another room and taken to the operation room by wearing a sterile box apron.

Moniterization and medical equipment infrastructure: ECG must be taken before transplantation, the patients must be monitored and the heart, rhythm and blood pressure changes that may occur during local anesthesia must be monitored. The rate of local anesthesia and the amount of anesthetic must be adjusted by observing changes in heart rhythm.

During the transplantation, regular blood pressure and oxygen saturation must be measured, and the patient must be provided with an infrastructure that can provide oxygen support when necessary.

During the transplantation, patients are provided with 1000 -1500 cc mai support. Vascular access is opened to the patient at the entrance and the vascular access remains open until discharge. Low-dose steroids, analgesics and sedatives are given to the patient through the vascular access. K vit amp and antibiotic prophylaxis can also be added depending on the bleeding status of the patient.

Patient operating beds must have 4 motors and must be able to switch to the trelenburg position. Adequate lighting must be provided with cold light sources without shadows in the operating room. For hair transplantation, 50-80 thousand lux operating room light sources without shadow and reflection are used.

During the harvest, it is recommended to use a low speed water cooled good quality micro motor. Aretol heads must be sterilizable type. Microsurgical punches with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm are used for retrieval, the punch with reduced sharpness must be changed, and a punch of at least 1500 grafts must be used for the patient. Micro motor does not used for manual punch purchases.

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